Career Capital, insight on work-related topics

Recent research by Accenture generated insights on a broad range of work-related topics, including:

  • Pay Raises and Promotions: More than half (57 %) of all respondents have asked for or negotiated a pay raise, and three out of four (77 %) who have done so have received one. Slightly less than half (44 %) have asked for a promotion, and more than two-thirds (68 %) who have done so received one.
  • Working Parents: More than four in ten working parents (44 %, men; 42 %, women) would prefer to work, rather than stay at home, even if finances were not an issue.
  • The Value of Experience: Nearly three out of four (72 %) respondents report that experience is more important than education in their current jobs.
  • Current Skills:  The top three contributions that respondents believe they bring to their jobs are efficiency in completing tasks, a strong work ethic and the ability to learn new things (56 %, 50 % and 44 %, respectively).
  • Future Skills:  Looking ahead, respondents believe the most marketable skills will be the ability to multi-task, speak more than one language, be a team player and navigate most computer applications (cited by 57 %, 54 %, 54 % and 53 %, respectively).
  • Satisfaction with Current Job: Approximately half (48 %) of respondents report they are satisfied in their current jobs. Of those not satisfied, feeling underpaid was the primary reason for dissatisfaction (cited by 37 %), followed by lack of opportunity for advancement (25 %).

In November 2013, Accenture conducted an online survey of 4,100 business professionals from medium to large organizations across 32 countries.  Respondents were split evenly by gender and were balanced by age and level in their organizations. A full report on the research, “Career Capital,” containing info graphics, analysis of regional trends and other key highlights is available at


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