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Internet of Things: Buzzword or Business Value?

The Internet of Things (IoT), like big data, is a hot buzzword. But is IoT actually a new market? The concept of IoT has been around for decades. IoT is an evolution of the Machine to Machine (M2M) market, which … Lees verder

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Nederland heeft volop kansen met Big Data.

Uit onderzoek van de Nationale DenkTank blijkt dat Nederland volop kansen heeft met big data. Efficiënt gebruik van big data kan de Nederlandse maatschappij miljarden opleveren, oplopend tot € 45 mrd. Dat is de uitkomst van een onderzoek verricht door de … Lees verder


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What it will take before the IoT can fully blossom

For the average even quite technically advanced user, submersion into the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) is generally still quite limited at this time. If we can count ‘wearables’ such as the Fitbit and home security monitoring systems like Piper … Lees verder

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The fight over net neutrality will soon affect IoT.

Net neutrality is one of the hottest debates of the year. It has developers worrying that their services won’t be able to compete without access to the internet’s “fast lane.” Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like AT&T and Verizon argue that … Lees verder

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